Rooster Boost + Rooster Easy Mount

Rule the Roost!

Highly adjustable, best show on water!

Durable stainless and aluminum design.

Rooster Easy Mount works with almost any outboard.

Rated up to 65 MPH

  • Satin Rooster Boost
  • Shadow Black Rooster Boost
  • Satin Finish Easy Mount
  • Shadow Black Rooster Mount
  • Satin Rooster Mount

What's your type?

Get Rooster Boosting in seconds!

Easy mount is recommended for any boat with a outboard motor newer than 1985, that is over 40 hp.

A must have for pontoons and bass boats.

Recommended if you have a jack plate.

Works great with aluminum or fiberglass fishing boats.


Flat transoms are perfectly able to accept both Standard and Rooster Easy Mounts.

Guaranteed to Fit!*



Curved transoms of this type require a Rooster Easy Mount.  

Guaranteed to fit!*



Pontoons require a Rooster Easy Mount. Some may require additional hardware. 

Guaranteed to fit!*

Curved Recessed

Most Curved Transoms of this type are able to accept Rooster Easy Mounts, additional hardware is available. Please contact us for more information.


Easy as 1.



Easy Mount is a Real Step Forward!

Nobody wants to take a drill to their boat.

The true ease of install and adaptability of the Rooster Easy Mount is second to none.

Previous mounting systems for most other attachments required some form of drilling, modification, or total removal of your outboard.

Just Getting Started!


We are continuing to develop new and innovative attachments for the Easy Mount system.

Above is a sneak peek out our no-drill trolling motor mount prototype.

Guaranteed to Fit!

When we say it will fit, we mean it!

If it doesn't we will supply any required spacers for for free or fully refund your order and pay to have it shipped back.

To receive guarantee if your boat has a curved recessed transom, please contact us with the make and model prior to order. Photos of you transom are greatly appreciated.

Two Year Limited Warranty



Easy Mount Checklist

Outboard 1985 or newer, 40 horsepower and up.

The orientation of your mounting bolts.

Top speed of your boat. Rated for up to 65 MPH

If you're unsure or have any other questions regarding the Rooster Boost, or Easy Mount, please contact us.

*Fitment Guarantee limited to original purchase price plus up to $20 shipping.  For curved transoms additional spacers not originally quoted up to 4 inches will be covered at no cost. Limited to 30 days past purchase date, or 30 days past shipment of free spacers for trial.